Data Protection Policy

Rushden & District Photographic Society
Data Protection Policy
The following data will be collected from members joining RDPS:
Telephone number(s)
e-mail address
Age group
Amount of subscription paid
A record of meetings attended
A record of competitions etc. entered
Images produced by the person as a photographer
This data will be held by the Secretary.
The data will be kept separate from any other data that the Secretary may hold, so that
RDPS data does not get incorporated into any other usage of data.
The data will be used for purposes of contacting members in regard to RDPS activities.
The data will not be given en-masse to any member of RDPS. However individual contact
details may be given to other RDPS members in order to facilitate RDPS activities.
The data will not be given or sold to anyone, including external bodies, for any purpose. The
data will not be used to forward information to members from external bodies unless it is
relevant to RDPS activities and appropriate to do so.
This means that no marketing material etc. will be sent to members.
Information directly related to the activities of RDPS, such as external competitions,
photography seminars, events, special offers and product announcements (for
photographic items) may be sent to members.
Any member of RDPS will have the right to see what data is held about him/her and have
the right to ask for that data to be corrected/amended if required. Also, any member may
ask for their data to be deleted.
Data relating to ex-members of RDPS will not be retained.