Competition Notes

  Members' Choice You can enter the specified number of PIs and a number of Prints (see list of competitions).
Prints need not be entered on-line, just fetch them on the night.
  Chairman's Cup For this panels competition the uploaded image for each panel should be a representative image of that panel, either one of the individual images or a composite.
  Points of View Please ensure that you enter your pictures in this sequence:
  • 1 - Rust
  • 2 - Mellow Yellow
  • 3 - Messing about on the river
  • 4 - The Essence of Bedford
  • 5 - Metalwork
  • 6 - Birds of a Feather

Image files should be named thus: n-xxx.jpg
were 'n' is 1-6 and 'xxx' is your initials (if you only have two initial invent a middle one, such a 'z').
e.g. an image for round 2 "Mellow Yellow" by Alan Charles Smith might be named "2-ACS.jpg".